Mouseless: The Invisible Computer Mouse

Mouseless is an invisible working computer mouse built by MIT PhD student, Pranav Mistry. The mouse, or lack thereof, is controlled by using your hand with no hardware to control the pointer on your screen. This technology would allow for a wide range of interactions between the user and their computer, the ability to wake the computer from sleep, control volume, brightness, and of course gaming, to name a few applications.

Here’s a video of the Mouseless technology in action which the group behind it claims was built for $20.

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  • Haha, I love the Tom and Jerry reference in the video. I also love the future. In 30 years our kids will say, u used a rodent for the computer? what? u had a oval thing with buttons and a wire?

  • Bart says:

    OK. Looks kool. However, what about scroll wheels, fwd and back buttons?

  • Muwasalat says:

    Awesome idea. Put sensors at the side and work UR hand like a mouse.

    Maybe put sensors anywhere you want.

  • WEEfore says:

    Also, it is a great feature for left-handed people.

  • matrix86 says:

    Great…so now i'd have to carry a webcam around with me. No thanks. I'll stick with the track pad. And how well would this work in highly lit areas? (like being outside on a bright, sunny day) And don't forget the lag between your movement and the mouse movement…that'd be pretty annoying.

    I could see certain gestures for things like scrolling, but people don't want the lag I mentioned.

    And what about for places where there is no surface? (in your lap, on a non-solid table)

    For now, I can't see why anyone would switch to this over using a mouse. You're still having to pack something extra in your bag, and this tech would wear your battery down faster.

    The only good I see from this is the "wow" factor people will have and it will limit having to change the batteries in your wireless mouse (unless you have one that charges by hooking it up to the computer). Sorry, but it doesn't impress me. Still young in development, so i can't say it won't catch on, but for now…unimpressed.

  • shekhar says:

    pranav is a genious guy.

  • Mohr says:

    It's simply great. Obviously, we can't just want it to have all the functions of a mouse right now, it's a nwe technology at it's beginning, but i loved the idea of using no mouse, really.

    Keep working on it and it will probably be a success in a near future.

  • santosh says:

    if i keep the laptop on my lap the how will you us this technic

  • Neha says:

    awesome.. Hats off to pranav

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